Kevin Miller / Agent of Appetites
“We have a soul deep longing for greater glory but a gut level submission to our immediate appetites. The hope for positive change however is not in magnifying the glory, it is in incentivizing a better appetite.”

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Aware Broadcasting

CEO – My vocational career started off as a teenage business owner and athlete. At age 20 I became a full time professional cyclist. I started many businesses along the way until I retired from cycling at age 31 to pursue business full time. All along the way I experienced immensely chaotic performances. Big wins and big losses. Why? I was blind to my negative patterns. I was un-AWARE of my limiting BELIEFS and the root APPETITES that drove me. This is where I believe it all starts – becoming aware. Thus Aware Broadcasting is the hub of my efforts to help myself and others become aware, change our beliefs and retrain our appetites to better serve the successes in life we desire.

The Ziglar Show

CEO & Host: The reigning crown jewel of Aware Broadcasting with over 40 Million Downloads and counting. As host of The Ziglar Show I have one quest – to help people actually apply the most innovative and timeless principles of personal growth to their lives. The best success principles are readily available to us all. The power is in getting ourselves to take action and make the positive changes we desire so we can get the positive results we want. In this podcast I continue the legacy of renowned author, speaker and, humanitarian, Zig Ziglar, to “Inspire Your True Performance!” and am incredibly honored to be a modern day voice for one of the greatest influences in my life, Zig Ziglar. / iTunes / Stitcher /

True Life Show

CEO & Cohost: To pursue the successes we want in life requires more than average. More belief, more clarity, more energy, and simply…more output. If our bodies and minds are compromised, so are all of our efforts. For the past four years I’ve been partnered in a Functional Medicine practice that truly transforms people’s lives so they can achieve what they feel called to in their lives. I cohost this podcast with my dear friend and business partner, Dr. Randy James, a Functional Medicine leader. Our goal is to equip people to be fully functioning in body and mind so they can do all they desire to do. | True Life Show on iTunes


CEO: We’ve never had access to more knowledge and insight for better health and wellness than what we have today. Yet chronic illness and disease and the ensuring medical costs have helped “health care” become America’s #1 GNP. We are truly led by our appetites. I believe behavioral economics is the only hope: financially incentivized health care. When we save money and get rewarded for health lifestyles and decisions, we will more likely forgo the appetite of our tastebuds for the appetite of our wallets. Thus I am Co-founder and CEO of this revolutionary solution and alternative to traditional health insurance – Medical Cost Sharing. It can save people 50-60% on their monthly health care and ultimately allow them to “earn their way down” in costs as they increase their health.



1. Signature Talk: Establishing Habits of Your True Life
This message comes from interviewing over 150 of today’s top, world influencers on The Ziglar Show and them divulging the what and why of their daily habits for success.

We all have habits and routines. They are the trunk of our tree of life. The fruit is our results, good and bad. But what are the roots of our habits? What ultimately dictates whether we walk out habits that foster the life we want or death we do not, in ourselves and those we influence?

  1. Have Self Awareness
  2. Know What You Believe
  3. Take Personal Responsibility
  4. Clarify & Strengthen Desire (Motivation)
  5. Make Critical Decisions
  6. Quit Justifying
  7. Trust In The Accumulation


2. Protecting The Asset of You
This message is the focal point of The True Life podcast.

For high producers, the greatest threat to their production and their very lives is the functionality of their body and mind. All our efforts come from the body we live in. If it is compromised, so are our efforts. If we are walking slower up the stairs, our brain and mind are working slower as well. There are four primary pillars of our body, mind, and soul that dictate whether we are functioning at our full capacity. Or not.

  1. Input
  2. Output
  3. Recovery
  4. Relationship


While personal development is my core competency, everything we do is subject to the reality of the market place. The leading global companies are winning at the game of behavioral economics and I believe this is the only game to compete in if you want to win.


3. Steering Appetite With Trust
This message references the shift of billions of ad dollars being taken away from traditional outlets and being poured into podcasting.

In our media and information overload, the best product and service is to some degree becoming obsolete and everything being considered a commodity. Trust reigns supreme. Product & Service personal endorsements and behavioral economics are winning the marketplace.

  1. Give them what they want to get them what they need
  2. Appeal to their emotion to earn a place in their logic

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With a lifetime devoted to personal development, self-employment, and elite athletics, Kevin’s primary language and know-how is personal growth. As the son of best-selling author and business leader, Dan Miller, he started his first business at age 15, became a professional cyclist at 20, and to date has started over 15 businesses. Kevin recognizes every platform, from business to sports, is an opportunity to influence people’s lives for the better. As an advocate of self-employment, Kevin founded Free Agent Academy, a membership community that provided guidance to over 1,000 people desiring to pursue self-employment and personal growth. In 2012 Kevin began speaking for the Ziglar corporation on self-employment and shortly after Zig Ziglar passed away, Kevin joined Ziglar as a consultant to help steer the brand into a new era. Becoming host of The Ziglar Show became Kevin’s primary role and as of October 2019 he has had 150 of the world’s top influencers on the show and realized over 40 million downloads. Today along with being a podcast host, Kevin is heavily invested in the health and wellness industry. He cofounded a Functional Medicine clinic in Colorado and from this effort to address the rise in chronic illness and disease crippling our culture, has launched a second podcast, the True Life Show. Further, in a massive effort to make a dent in America’s broken “health care” system, Kevin recently made a bid in behavioral economics by launching a health insurance alternative that rewards healthy decisions, True Life Protect, where he is cofounder and currently working CEO.


Kevin lives at 9,200 above sea level in Pikes Peak National Forest in an oversized house made of straw bales he custom built with his wife of 26 years. They have nine kids and two grandsons. Any given day is full of gourmet cooking, running and mountain biking (he races at the elite level in his age category), board games, frisbee golf and a lot of hanging out on the back deck basking in the Colorado sun…pondering the majesty of a great God.